Antico Pastificio Poiatti: an inimitable history, from 1946

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The pasta has a very ancient history and rich in anecdotes that began 7000 years ago, when humans abandoned the nomadic  life , he began to cultivate the land , he discovers the grain , learn to work it better , refine grinding , kneading the with water, paves the dough and bake it on the hot stone. In 1154 , it found a document which is a sort of tour guide where the Arab geographer Al- Idrin mentions a "food of flour in the form of wires" called triyah that is packaged in Sicily. It is thought therefore that the Pasta , understood just like macaroni, native of Sicily , and discover it was precisely the Arabs, Mazara del Vallo has been the gateway to the conquest of the island by the Arabs , and Mazara is the city where does pasta Poiatti .

Poiatti Domenico , the owner of the old mills , in a very difficult period for Italy had the idea to create a pasta factory in Mazara del Vallo , Sicily. It was 1946 : the tradition continues today thanks to his sons John and Maurizio who inherited his father 's passion for pasta. The Poiatti now produces 100 types of pasta , from that of durum wheat to the egg , drawn from bronze to Cous Cous .
Thanks to the mills owned by the company follows in the first person the entire production chain , a guarantee of the highest quality for the consumer. The Poiatti also represents a flagship of Sicily, a company that exports all over the world, and that the American market is one of the strengths, thanks to the tradition handed down by Italian immigrants to their children. The Old Pastifico Poiatti is inimitable , since 1946


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