Dear Consumers,

The continuous evolution of our quality systems, the result of our investments, has allowed us to improve in many respects and, among these, to be even more attentive than in the past to allergens, especially those which – although not used in our company – can still be present in our supply chain, especially in the fields where the raw materials are grown, or in the transport and storage phases.

Occasionally traces of soy and mustard may be present in the grain. Minimum quantities, even infinitesimal. For this reason, we have decided to inform you with this communication of the possible, accidental presence of traces of soy and mustard on our commercialized products. It is information that you will see appear a little at a time, as new packs hit the shelves in this way:

"May contain traces of soy and mustard"

Our quality and our safety remain the same: the ones you already know and that have made you appreciate our brand. We wish to emphasize that this is a decision taken by our company which is always attentive to the protection of your health. For this reason, always attentive, we have decided to protect you even more from today. For more information, write to us at the email address: